World Water Day 2017, JVHS Nachiapuram, Interaction of Scientific Community with the Rural Students


Trusty Water Foundation introduces Water Bonds for collaboration in the rural parts of India

Global experience says that Private-Public partnerships are very much needed to resolve the present day water scarcity and maintain resources for future demands. It is not only Government to resolve the issues 100%; It is not only Private. Community involvement is the key driver for deciding the success of these programs. How to get them onboard?

We float community-friendly financial model called Water Bonds. One unit is fixed at INR 100. Minimum one unit is needed for participation in this program. It is not one time event. We would like to see the lifetime involvement and transition from one generation to the next one. The contribution could be any number of units (For example, 10 units equated to INR 1000). We design skill development and awareness activities for the students and native community through many programs. We collect Water Bonds from the interested persons to run these programs. Whatever the money left over in the first time collection will be utilized for conducting the subsequent programs with the possibility of recharging the bonds at anytime. Depending on the number of units acquired by the participants, his position in the subsequent exercise is determined. For instance, 1unit bought initially will be good enough to participate in the first program only. 100 units provided in the initial time will prolong their participation. At any point of time, the participants can withdraw their contribution if they are not satisfied at the conduct of programs. We extend this program to cover various aspects of rural water management in future.

World Water Day 2017 celebration, JV High School, Nachiapuram

Nachiapuram Education Development Committee (NEDC) collaborates with Trusty Water Foundation and Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi for the celebration of UN World Water Day on 22 March 2017.

Venue: Jeyangonda Vinayagar High School, Nachiapuram-630207
Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, India